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Porting questions

Got a double cut carbide burr from Mcmaster-Carr today (I ordered it yesterday afternoon!) and I put it in my Dewalt 14.4V drill to see how well it would work on the exhaust manifold. Big time improvement over the grinding stone I was using. Anyway, I'm gonna use the air grinder tommorrow after work (just a tad faster than the drill [Image: wink.gif] )

Do I need to any cutting fluid when I really hog out the manifold or can the bit be used dry? Also got a single cut coming in the mail just to see the difference between the two. [Image: smile.gif] Gotta practice a litte before I jump into porting the head.
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D-port profiles

It is one of the best lubricants for porting. It helps remove the metal from clogging up the bit.


Used the same stuff today. Spent all freakin day on the lower intake.

What kind of power gains can one expect from porting the in and out?

I don'y think of iy as power gains, I think of it as using all the cam's potential or the ported head's potential.

I see what you're saying, but is it really worth it for something with around 200hp?

I think it is worth it. In my GT is sure seems to spool up faster.

Careful inside the exhaust ports. If you bounce the bit it can shatter. As my Dad said when I started doing mine, "if that bit breaks, there is nothing in your body that will stop it".
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