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Putting my 2.3 turbo together

Son blew a head gasket in my 86 turbo. Took it apart had head redone and now I am trying to put it back together. The problem is its been a year since i took it apart,and I didnt take any photos and now I am having some problems puting it back togrether! The area that I am in need of help is the intake manifold, can some one send photos or any other type of help!

You may want to get a shop book like hanyes or chilton book. Did you take the fuel lines off or just lay the intake to the side and pull the head. Same with the turbo and header.
Make sure the lineup pins are in place so the head gasket don't move as you put the head on.
The 2.3 is a simple machine so most of the parts just fit in place.
You need the torque specs also.
Just look for parts that fit and bolt away.
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the intake isnt very hard, you just bolt the lower back on to the head then bolt the fuel rail back in, hook up all your sensors and injectors bolt on the uper finish hooking up sensors, reattach throttle linkage and vacum lines and bam your done oh and make sure you do all the oil lines for the turbo and the sending unit before you bolt the upper on and its prolly eaisyest to do with the lower off. most of the sensor plugs only plug into one thing, but there may be some. other than that its pretty simple
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Get the proper Ford (Helm) manual for your car. Haynes and Chilton are OK for general assembly but they leave out alot of the turbo specific stuff.

Most of the intake manifold stuff will only go back together one way so at the very least just lay the stuff out on the floor and match everything back up with each other.
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i just yanked my head today it is an 88 but should be mostly the same i can take pics if you want just let me know of what
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