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PWM Fan Control

I saw somewhere that the MS3 has PWM output to control the radiator fan.

Anyone here using an ECU PWM to drive any substantial fan, the radiator or interior heater fan?

You don't drive the fan with the ECU's pwm output directly.  You use either a solid state relay, or get a fan and controller off something like a newer volvo or crown victoria.  The ECU's PWM outputs are good for 2 amps tops.
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Good point.

In fairness that is why I said "control" rather than drive, but in a forum it shouldn't be left unsaid.

Right now I have a set of relays that reverse the signal from the LA3 to do a dual speed control of the radiator fan.

It would be easier, in my mind, to simply use a PWM signal and PDM (or just a driver) to do a variable control of the fan. Then it could gradually speed up as needed to overcome a temperature differential or A/C line pressure issue. It could also power down at speed and let the wind velocity do the work.

But other than programming a speeduino to do this, I don't know if the PiMP knows how to do this trick or can be taught it.

Either way, thanks for the reply.

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