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removing glass???

for those people that have had to replace any of the windows in their car,not just the windshield,any 'tricks-of-the-trade' to offer???
i'm primarily interested in what it takes to get the glass out without breaking it.

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One trick I have seen is using heavy duty string or wire and after removing the trim, find a big needle, thread the wire/string, start at the top of the window, penetrate the window gasket from the outside to the inside. With the string inside now (still connected outside) go from the inside back ouside at the bottom of the window. Now you can separate the gasket using the string/wire like flossing your teeth.

Any other ideas out there?

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That's exactly how you do it. Not with string though. There is a fine music wire that is sold for cutting out glass. Also, if you do enough glass replacement, there is a glass removing knife that works real slick. I think they go for under $20. I bought mine 20 years ago, so, I may be off on my guess at the price of one.
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Keep in mind that it's often difficult or impossible to get glass out without breaking it when the car's 15 years old. I tried to get a windshield off an '87 TC but cracked the edges....The guy at the JY said that's usually what happens.
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yes, if you try to get the glass out of a car without breaking it, be prepared to spend many hours at it. i tried to get some glass out of a 94 gt. i only succeded in breaking. i had only gone 2 feet in an hour and then it broke. anyone like smashing glass? good luck

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The piano wire method works really good and theres alot less chance of breaking your glass aposed to using a windshield knife unless your technique with the knife is good. I have used wire from a mig welder before and it works pretty good. If you use the wire method be sure and wear some gloves. The wire breaks alot of the time and it tends to pop real fast and gets your fingers and it might be a good idea to have a buddy give you a hand. As far as the quarter glass goes it should just bolt in. I know the Mustang quarter glass bolts in.

I have the diagrams that show how the moulding come off as well as the sail panels and quarter glass on my site. Under wiring diagrams.

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some wiring diagrams and by some , I mean none at all.
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anyway, If you use the skinny wire methode, wear gloves and use two pair of vicegrips, one outside the car and one inside and use a sawing motion slowly, if the resistance gets harder, back off some and try again.
or get an antenna mast (unscrewable mustang type) grind the ball off the end, grind the last inch or so on both sides to a knife like blade, slide a 6 in piece of 3/8 pipe over the end all the way up the the far end, then make a 90 degree bend to hold the pipe in place, then bend another 90 degree bend right where knife blade starts (now looks like a "Z" straightened out some) using one hand pulling on the handle, and the other hand guiding the direction of the blade, you can cut the glue fairly easy. (bend the blade so that the sharpest edge is toward the handle or whichever direction you like best) (after the "blade bend" you need to sharpen all the way up into the 90 degree bend) anyway, it sometimes takes a few tries to get a "feel" for it (just make the "blade as thin as possible)
Hot summer days, car in the sun, all add to the ease of getting the glass out. As cold as it is now, good luck, the glue is HARD and BRITTLE, just don't hurry,
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I tried the wire method and thought it sucked. I sharpened a 1" wide putty knife and cut through the seal from inside the car. Go between the glass and the metal window lip, cut about a half a blades width at a time,just push it through . You should be able to get the glass out in about twenty minutes with no breakage. Donations accepted for this great advice ( I promise to only buy parts for my Comp Prep or TC with the money [Image: smile.gif]).
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since we're on the topic of glass...anyone replace theirs with lexan?
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