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Ron Francis engine harness in 88TC

Chris - thank you for the info. That is extremely helpful and good to know.

From what I have gathered, the only “chassis” functions controlled through the engine ECU are the ride control and ABS; neither of which are active on my car as it has coilovers and has been converted to vacuum assist brakes.

Right now, the car is a weekend street toy. I would eventually like to road race the car. My reasoning for wanting to replace the engine harness is simply because I want to. I’d like to clean up the rat’s nest especially with other projects I have going on with the car

The abs and ride control have their own computers which are behind the rear seat. I really don't think those systems tie into the ecu in any way.
I have coilovers and a manual brake setup on mine. No hvac system either so it is a nice weather driver only.
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You will need a DAMN good understanding of auto wiring systems to tackle the job. You'll also need a Ford wiring schematics, one from Ford it's very detailed. BE AWARE if I remember correctly I think there was a mistake in the Ford wiring book. While it's true that using a PIMP you can run the engine with a harness about as thick as you index finger you'll still need all your relays to be somewhere. Be careful you may just bite a hog in the ass trying to do that job.
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