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Running out of things to check

I was comming home last sunday in 88 TC motored bajabug, coasting down a hill and when I got to the bottom the motor was still running but I had no power. I pulled off and stopped and restarted the motor and limped on home at a best of about 30mph. I live at 6800 ft and it's been below freezing here and now it won't start. I cranks and coughs but will not keep running so I can't get it to operating temp.

I've checked everything I can think of;
fuel pump is putting out 75 psi
plugs are firing and are wet
pulled codes; 21, 24, 28
21 ECT checked out good, it's below freezing here
24 VAT I checked the temp leg of the vane air flow meter and w/o any values to go by, it changed resistance when heated w a blowdryer
28 also comes on below 50F
I checked the timing belt and it looked worn and loose and thought it could be the problem but I think the timing marks are lined up. The Haynes manual I bought says nothing about timing and the pictures they show of the timing marks are poor. So I think they are right but not sure. When cranking, my timing light shows about 20 degrees ATDC. That seems OK for startup in the cold but I don't know for sure. I've checked the TPS and ACT. Is there anything else to check?

A fuel pressure of 75psi seems a bit high. Is this at idle or what? You should have 39-40psi at idle w/ the vac line disconnected. Check your regulator.
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timing should be about 20 degs btdc,sounds like it shiped two teeth on the acc drive and lost 36 degs.
Mike K

75 psi is out of an aftermarket pump that was read before it got to the fuel rail. I am getting wet plugs and smell of gas when I try to crank it. I am also headed to town today to pick up a new timing belt, while mine was not missing any teeth it's in bad shape (has cracks) and I thought it was loose when I first checked it. Before I do that I will try to imporve the timing.


The timing was off, she cranked right up after some adjustment.

I found the timing spec on a search of the forum, what's with not having that timing info and procedure in a Haynes manual?

Thanks for the help.


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