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S&R Racing Sale

This is a 1 week sale. It will end April 10 at midnight. No exceptions

LM1 Wideband kit with RPM converter
All SC series turbos

The prices are too low to be posted in an open forum. Leave your email address and I'll forward you prices. Please only inquire if you are actually interested in purchasing these products, I don't have time to send out 10,000 emails.

This is a semi going out of business sale. As of April 10, S&R Racing will be closed. Not for good, but at least a few months. I simply don't have the time for the side business right now and my real job is what pays the bills. So if you want any of the products on the website at about the best prices anywhere, you better order them this week.
2.3 stuff
'87 Notch: 10.72@125
'88 TC: 12.49@108 missed a gear :banghead:

Your Pm box is full...

'71 Pinto

Email me the lm1 price Scott.

Hey check my thread in off topic bs for some new times. Our chat back and forth helped me figure some stuff out.

I need the price on a turbo.

"Keep your foot on the floor until you see God himself, count to four, then brake."

83 Turbocoupe with some stuff done
(its slowish)
79 Pace Car in resto mode

Scott, I am interested in the LM1, please
send me a price @



Steve Gasich

I'm interested in the wide band LM1. Please email me at pizzamanoicu812@sbcglobal.net

One test is worth a thousand expert opinions.

Scott,email me a price on the LM-1 and a SC50 turbo.Email..bethphil918@yahoo.com

Quote:Originally posted by Highboost:
Scott,email me a price on the LM-1 and a SC50 turbo.Email..bethphil918@yahoo.com

njccbflo at gmail.com
Taking a break from cars, gonna work on the family instead.

Price on LM-1 and SC-60

Email to simpleguyracing@hotmail.com
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