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Spec stage 3+ or stage 5 clutch

Anyone have experience with these two clutches? How are they for street driving? Planning to use the stock flywheel. My new stage 3 is slipping, so I'm looking at either of these two. The stage 5 is rated for 599/tq and is cheaper than the 3+ which is rated for 525/tq.
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I used the Stage 3+ clutch in my Turbo Coupe. Setup at the time was a V8 T5 with 4.10 gears. Motor made around 400 HP and 430 lbft of torque to the wheels. It started to slip on the dyno around those numbers. I believe Boport just ran this clutch and he got about 450 HP to the wheels and experienced some slip as well. With that said the advertised rating is about right.

My experience with it on my somewhat heavy TC was that it was not great in stop and go situations. I had to slip the clutch to get the car moving. So much so that ai pulled the 3.73’s and installed 4.10,s thinking it was a gearing issues. I recently did a transmission swap and went the rout of a V8 style clutch flywheel. This setup was significantly better than the smaller 4cylinder Spec 3+. Clutch engagement is much better. Hope that helps.
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Go with the stage 5 if you are looking to make near 450 or above to the wheels. In my experience the stage 3 has held up to 430ishwhp, the 3+ 450whp, and the 5 I know can go past 500whp. I'll be finding out soon the limits of the stage 5.

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Swap to a V8 clutch and open up huge options that don’t break everything behind the clutch.
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What Bo said, stinger site has nice write up on the clutches etc.

Note - I too went to the V8 clutch (have not tested it as yet as I am still waiting on my tran to be fixed by the tran shop). The two largest ticket item is the 2.3 to 5.0 Flywheel (~ $350) and the 2.3 to 5.0 Crane adapter (~$200) those two parts will run you about $550 not "cheap". After that the clutches for the 5.0 are cheaper than the 2.3 and you will have a wide range of option. Note I had bought my 2.3 to 5.0 adapter, and the bell housing for the 5.0 etc. from about 2013 so it has been sitting in my garage forever.

My 2.3 clutch went and I had to replace the clutch anyway so for me going to the V8 was ~ $280 difference after considering the cost to resurface flywheel. I went with the 2+ V8 clutch
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I'm thinking it'd be better to go with a v8 T5 and get rid of the 4cyl 200k mile T5. Gotta be easy on it until I gather parts. FWIW, 1st and 2nd the tires spin and 3rd has them biting at the pavement but no clutch slip that I can tell. It only slips in 4th and much worse in 5th gear.
88 TC 2.5 5spd~money pit

You can still keep the 2.3 T5 and just go to the bigger clutch setup (Bell, Flywheel, 2.3 - 5.0 adapter, Clutch, Pressure Plate), until you get the V8 T5 if that is what you choose to do.

If you go to the V8 T5 you will need to have the input shaft turned down to the 2.3 size. There are debates out there about using bushing etc. I personally had mine turn down to the 2.3 diameter and use the 2.3 input shaft bearing. I know other experts here will chime in.
88XR4TI:T67/T4 Turbo,85lb inj,PIMPV1.3,LS2-Coils,255LPH,3" exh, Stg4 Head, BoPort Header, Bob's Inline, Cus.body kit, 16" Rims, Supra 3.73 LSD, Rasp.PI3 dash

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