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I am somewhat interested in this deal,but need to know the cost for parts as well as shipping.thanks,Pete
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I am interested also, let me know the cost.

Quote:Please PM JUSCUZ for pricing.
Read the copy guys... Private Mail him if you have questions on pricing or shipping costs, et al.

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i need .100 taller valves and icant use lash caps so i will have to pass damm!!!!!
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PM Sent :thumbup:
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GUYS...If you want in we need to get the ball rollin..stock on these is hit and miss..right now he has around 10 sets of valves and springs. I need 5 people to commit so I can order. LETS GO GUYS!!!
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PM sent,Thanks

pm sent
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OK I need a count of who wants what... Then I will e-mail the supplier and get some ordered.
If you can smile when things go wrong, you have someone in mind to blame.

PM sent
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