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Chassis type:

short block mods/compression ratio/displacement:
head/port work/valve size:
cam specs/degrees adv-ret:
intake/throttle body:
nitrous system/shot size:
exhaust manifold:
exhaust size:
engine management:
a/f ratio, total timing, boost:
fuel octane/brand/leaded or unleaded:
flex plate/flywheel:
rear/ratio/tire type/tire size:
race weight without driver:

next areas to be improved:
Living isnt to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting 'holy sh**, what a ride!'

Chassis type: 1979 Mustang Notchback

short block mods/compression ratio/displacement: 1984 Turbo block, stock crank, strapped mains, stock oil pump, stock oil pan, stock length Crower billet steet, flat top weisco, zero decked, total seal rings, main and head studs, MLS head gasket/~8.3:1/2.3L
head/port work/valve size: Esslinger aluminum D-port/cleaned up and polished ports and chamber/1.89Intake-1.50Exhaust
cam specs/degrees adv-ret: lift .555"/.555" duration 235/225@.050" LSA 115 - straight up, hydraulic roller
intake/throttle body: gutted turned turbocoupe intake/supercoupe throttle body
intercooler: large NPR intercooler
nitrous system/shot size: no nitrous
exhaust manifold: Rod's stock mount header
turbo: SC-60 (60-1 hifi compressor with a stage III T3 turbine and .63a/r housing)
wastegate: ported stock Sad
exhaust size: 3" modifed stock elbow, 3" DP
engine management: FAST EFI with full AN fuel system and 95#/hr injectors
a/f ratio, total timing, boost: 11.7:1 af ratio /25 degree total/19psi of boost
fuel octane/brand/leaded or unleaded: 112 octane/PRO racing fuel/unleaded
hp@rpm: 407rwhp/6500rpm
trq@rpm: 395rwtq/4600rpm
flex plate/flywheel: fidanza SFI aluminum flywheel
convertor/clutch: SPEC stage III
transmission: 1993 Cobra T5 (3.35 first)
rear/ratio/tire type/tire size: 8.8" with welded tubes, 31 spline mosers, trac-loc truck diff with extra shims/ 4.10 Motorsport gears/ 26x10.50 ET slicks
race weight without driver: dunno Sad but it is a 1979 with manual steering/manual brakes, no a/c, tubular front and rear suspension, no heat, racing buckets, no sound deadener, aluminum bumper... yeah it's light - but it doesn't look gutted.
ET/MPH: Best ET 11.7sec, Best MPH 119mph

next areas to be improved: External wastegate, larger turbo, 3.5" full exhaust, mini tub for 325/50/15 drag radials, transbraked C4
Living isnt to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting 'holy sh**, what a ride!'

Chassis type: - 1984 Mustang SVO
Suspension work/mods: - Stock front w/ sway bar removed. Stock rear suspension, w/ modified Competition Engineering 'slapper' style traction bars.
short block mods/compression ratio/displacement: - Stock/original shortblock - 70000 miles..
head/port work/valve size: - Stock/original cyl head, w/ Fel-Pro 1035 head gasket & using Ford Torque to Angle headbolts.
cam specs/degrees adv-ret: - Stock/original cam & stock cam pulley.
intake/throttle body: - Ported stock inline intakes and 60 mm T Bird Super Coupe throttle body. Did lots of port work to get inline upper to match to 65mm opening on the S/C T body.
intercooler: - Bottom mount made from 2 Probe GT Turbo cores, 2 1/2" piping in/out, Bosch bypass valve.
nitrous system/shot size: - None.
exhaust manifold: - ATR Tube header.
turbo: - Stock/original .63 T3
wastegate: - Stock/original one. Gillis boost valve.
exhaust size: - 40bob.com Elbow, 3" downpipe run open at track.
engine management: - Stock LA3/88 T Bird.
fuel system: - Stock/original dual fuel pumps, BBK adjustable regulator w/ guage & 3 foot hose, Bosch 42 lb green top injectors.
a/f ratio, total timing, boost: - AEM W/B, 11.5 - 11.8:1 in 3rd and 4rth on all passes. Timing was locked in 27*, spout left unplugged, 25 PSI boost. ~ 50 - 55* out..
fuel octane/brand/leaded or unleaded: - VP C16 leaded, 117 'motor octane'.
hp@rpm: - haven't dyno'd
trq@rpm: - "" ""
flex plate/flywheel: - Stock.
convertor/clutch: - Spec stg III.
transmission: - 87 4 cylinder "3.97" T5
rear/ratio/tire type/tire size: - 88 TC rear w/ FRPP girdle & 3.73 gears, M/T ET Drags - 26 x 8.50 rear now with tubes, front 155 65 R15 BFG radials, on Weld Draglites 15 x 8 x 5.50" backspace rear, 15 x 3 x ? backspace front.
race weight without driver: - Don't know yet. Based on stock weight [~3000 LBs] and what I have removed [i've weighed everything taken out] very close to 2600 Lbs.
ET/MPH: - best 60' - 1.676, 12.25 @ 110.85 MPH.

next areas to be improved: - Work on getting a proper tune for the larger injectors, and a working 2 step so I can leave well into boost instead of dropping it, bogging then whooshing off.. Also going to check all vac lines for boost leaks. Goal is to eek an 11.99 out of the stock longblock and stock T3 turbo.
I do Ported heads, intakes and rotated ported intakes, PM me for info.
84 Cougar XR7 Turbo
85.5 SVO 1E
86 SVO 1E

Chassis type: 88 Turbo Coupe

short block mods/compression ratio/displacement: stock stock stock
head/port work/valve sizeConfusedtock
cam specs/degrees adv-ret:Crane Powermax Hydraulic/not sure how to read cam spec sheet
intake/throttle bodyConfusedtock
intercooler:24"x14"x3" custom Active Radiator FMIC
nitrous system/shot size:Not Yet (two 50 shots in the future)
exhaust manifold:Bob's 3rd Gen log
turbo: T3 (.48 hot)
wastegate:reman, unported
exhaust size:3"
engine management:NA
a/f ratio, total timing, boost:12* timing, 12psi boost
fuel octane/brand/leaded or unleaded:Sunoco 94
flex plate/flywheel:flywheel
transmissionConfusedtock TC 4cyl T5
rear/ratio/tire type/tire size:3:55/bobo's/225-60-15s
race weight without driver:~3300?

next areas to be improved:4 new BFGs all around, Spec Stage 3 clutch, rebuilt T5, MGW short shifter, 255HP pump,kirban afpr, 10* timing w/ 20psi boost coming soon(all parts in hand finally, now to do the installs!)
Bob @ NW Tuning Solutions

88 turbocoupe:
1/8 - 8.062 @ 87.91MPH, 1/4 - 12.564 @ 109.44 MPH *(10/17/12)*

Chassis type:87 Ranger
short block mods/compression ratio/displacement:93 N/A block and crank with TC pistons and rods
cam specs/degrees adv-ret:RR w/adjustable gear set at -1
head:ported big valve iron d-port
intake/throttle body:Bobs gutted upper/lower,stock TB
intercooler:Big NPR
nitrous system/shot size:75 shot
exhaust manifold:Bobs log
turboConfusedtock t3
exhaust size:3" from elbow to tailpipe
engine management:LA3 w/J3 to run 46lb injectors,MSD everything
a/f ratio, total timing, boost:11.2afr,22* locked timing,18-20 psi
fuel octane/brand/leaded or unleaded:94 pump gas
hp@rpm:308wrhp using weight and mph
flex plate/flywheelConfusedtock TC
convertor/clutch:Spec stg 3
transmission:TC T5
rear/ratio/tire type/tire size:8.8,3.27 ,275 BFG DR'S
race weight without driver:2615lb
ET/MPH:12.55@ 111mph with blown head gasket

next areas to be improved:install everything in better ride!
Brian Rasey
88Ranger 2.6 Talldeck
83 Tbird 5.0
16 F150 5.0

Chassis type: 89 ranger

short block mods/compression ratio/displacement: stock 200K+
head/port work/valve size:stock
cam specs/degrees adv-ret:RR 4*R w/RE cam gear
intake/throttle body:bobs gutted rotated upper and ported lower
intercooler:large NPR
nitrous system/shot size:N/A
exhaust manifold:rods header
turbo:stock .63 T3
exhaust size:3" crush bent dumped
engine management:LA3
a/f ratio, total timing, boost:15psi
fuel octane/brand/leaded or unleaded:93 pump gas
flex plate/flywheel:stock
convertor/clutch:RAM powergrip
transmission:stock T5 from 85 XR7
rear/ratio/tire type/tire size:3.45:1 7.5" trac-lok 245/45/17 kumho 711's
race weight without driver:2870
ET/MPH:14.6 @ 94(norwalk, OH)

next areas to be improved: better chassis for a good runnin combo

this is the only combo i have PROOF of. motor has seen 20psi w/a SC50 and a 97mph trap speed @ 5200ft. felt awesome, but never got to the dyno in that form....
gumby - 3/4 Race

85 SVO
Shortblock- stock 90,000 miles
Head- BOPORT Stage 3
Cam- Esslinger 2277 .489"/.443" lift, 241/219@.050" straight up timing
Intakes- Ported lower, gutted upper.
Throttlebody- OEM
Intercooler- Spearco "Big" low mount
Nitrous- 0 shot
Header- Rod's stock location
Turbo- Precision SC61, .63AR turbine
Downpipe- ATR with external gate
Wategate- Tial 38mm
Exhaust- 3" mandrel bent through bullet muffler
Engine Management- 034 EFI standalone
A/F ratio 12:1, Timing 29, boost 28#
Clutch- SPEC stage III
Transmission- Stock T5
Fuel- Sunoco 110 leaded
HP- 436whp @ 6800rpm

short block mods/compression ratio/displacement:ARP bottom, .030 over forged
head/port work/valve size:Garage port, .090 over valves, SS Ferrea swirl and undercut
cam specs/degrees adv-ret:RR, straight up
intake/throttle body:60 mm, custom upper, 40bob ported lower
intercooler:Saab 9000 FMIC
exhaust manifold:40bob 3rd Gen.
turbo:Stock IHI
wastegate:Stock IHI
exhaust size:Stock DP
engine management:Stock EEC
a/f ratio, total timing, boost:12.5 A/F, Base Timing
fuel octane/brand/leaded or unleaded:92 non-oxy
hp@rpm:197 @ 5000
flex plate/flywheel:Stock
convertor/clutch:Stock Pinto
transmission:C-4 B&M Shift Kit
rear/ratio/tire type/tire size:4.10 Hoosier 26X8
race weight without driver:2401 Lbs
ET/MPH:13.24 at 100.22 MPH

next areas to be improved:used hybrid .57 stg 3 is here. .420 turbo cam too
4 valve head, aluminum block, piston squirters, main girdle...sorry boys, I'm on the d-tec train.

Chassis type: 85.5 T-bird

short block mods/compression ratio/displacement: arp bolts,balanced rotating assembly, 20 over
head/port work/valve size: Lots of port work, and combustion chamber work
cam specs/degrees adv-retConfusedtock, 4 ret
intake/throttle body: stock
intercooler:2 88 tc ics, with homemade flange, mounted as fmic
nitrous system/shot size:none
exhaust manifold: ported e6
turbo: holset hy35
wastegate: stock holset
exhaust size: 142c.i.
engine management: pk1 J3
a/f ratio, total timing, boost: 13.5/1,20 degress, 26#
fuel octane/brand/leaded or unleaded:110 leaded
flex plate/flywheel: stock, lighten on brake lathe
convertor/clutch: dual friction center force
transmission: stock t5
rear/ratio/tire type/tire size:8.8/4.56/hoosier slick/26.5 x 9
race weight without driver:3100
ET/MPH:12.92 @ 104

next areas to be improved: 50 shot
"Luck is when preparation meets opportunity."

87 bird street car:585hp on pump gas.

Chassis type: '76 Pinto
short block mods/compression ratio/displacement: Stock TC shortblock with Crower Sportsman rods, Total Seal rings. 8:1 comp.
head/port work/valve size: Mild porting, stock valves
cam specs/degrees adv-ret: Lunati 227/.500-111 LSA. Currently 6 degrees advanced.
intake/throttle body: Stock 60mm 5.0 TB. Stock lower intake, shortened and rotated upper.
intercooler: Stock TC, mounted under fender w/fan.
nitrous system/shot size: 70hp plate.
exhaust manifold: Stock E6
turbo: Stock T3
wastegate: Stock
exhaust size: 3"
engine management: Stock PC w/PE table chip by Juscuz. 5th injector rpm activated at 4400 rpm.
a/f ratio, total timing, boost: 10 deg. base timing, 21 psi boost.
fuel octane/brand/leaded or unleaded: 110 leaded.
hp@rpm: ?
trq@rpm: ?
flex plate/flywheel: Stock
convertor/clutch: Stock Pinto convertor
transmission: C-4 with reverse manual valve body
rear/ratio/tire type/tire size: 8", 3.80 gears, 8x26 Hoosier Quicktime Pros.
race weight w/driver: 2930 lbs.
ET/MPH: best cum. 11: 52 @ 115.81 mph

next areas to be improved: 4.10 gears, convertor, external wastegate, bigger turbo, suspension...those improvements needed as I go faster.

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