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SVO problems.

you might check the TFI module. that isnt the cause of the extra pressure. might be the cause of the poor running with a little rpm and/or boost.
also i would install a temp manual boost gauge and see if in truth you are getting that much boost. factory gauges are notorious bad pieces.

You never said how it was idling or at what rpm it is idling.Also you need to look back and think of what was last done to the car and what might have been left disconected.Vac hose would make your car idle like crap so thats not it if idle is steady.If you cant think of anything I would check the timing if that checks good run a fuel pressure test and see what happens to the pressure when it stumbles. If that checks good I
would check the injectors to see if they are maybe clogged and clean them anyway and put new rings and caps on them.If the exhaust is that old that something could have let loose and clogged it I would think about looking for a new one if you get a flowmaster keep it to yourself.If it still runs like crap take a brake drink a beer and take deep breaths.Dont pick up the hammer.

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