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t3 inlets, turbine housing, inlet elbows, outlet

I have two t3 exhaust elbows polished $45.00 each

One big t3 .63 polished turbine housing no visible cracks and radiused wastegate hole $45.00

Two t3 inlet elbows one with two vac ports one without $25.0 each

One t3 oulet pipe with cooling fins $25.00

One polished big .60 t3 compressor housing $45.00

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Do you still have any T3 exhaust elbows?
84 SVO

If you dont have one yet, try Merkur Midwest. Just google the name. That is where I got mine.

(12-05-2021, 07:49 AM)XR'd Wrote:  If you dont have one yet, try Merkur Midwest.  Just google the name.  That is where I got mine.

I do still have one turbine outlet elbow, compressor inlet elbows, a finned compressor outlet pipe, polished .60 compressor housing, .63 turbine housing

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