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T5 from 2.3 usable on 302, 351?

Quote:Originally posted by Randy:
I pretty darn sure the splines are the same.
Just get the right bushing and bellhousing and it will bolt right in. I now of a few 5.0 running around with 4cyl t5's


Oops, your right about the splines, for some reason I had the old 'hummer' tranny in mind on the spline count. The other dimensions came from Borg-Warner.

When using the T5 from the t coupe, the 87 up model years had a thicker flywheel. The bell housing was made longer to compensate for the flywheel. When changing clutch/flywheel assemblies, and mismatching parts, be sure and get the proper throwout bearing to compensate for the changes in length.
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Quote:Originally posted by swerve:
Hey green, my pops has got 2 62 Galaxie 500xls, ones got a 390, another has a rare 406. Thanks for the scoop.

i like the old fords, and your welcome.. any time i can help

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