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TE'eeed off...

Ok. I now own an 84 SVO with a TE computer. I want to put in a P series computer (on the assumption that EEC-tuner, or any other hardware/software package, does not suport the TE).

Can someone kindly point me in the right direction in terms of what is required to wire up a P series computer to the TE wiring harness? Or can I just plug the P series bastard in?

On a side note - there must be 20 pounds of wiring in this alraedy race-stripped beast. Is it possible to simply remove the wiring harness(es) not related to engine management? All I really need to keep is just the wiring from the computer to the engine control and sensor package...
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The pj code or pe code computers should just plug and play in any svo ....its the la 2 or la3 that needs to be rewired.....

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Yes, the TE and PE are a direct swap in.

Tnx for the quick answer guys.

Perhaps I'll bid on your PE on ebay, pnr [Image: smile.gif].

So, has anybody chunked out all the rest of the wiring to the lights and dash area? Is it easy to just hack out all that extranious wiring crap and leave the engine management stuff intact? (Sorry, but I have not yet had time to go through the 5,000,000+ web sites and pages of the shop manuals to answer this question for myself [Image: frown.gif] )

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85 SVO - mostly stock daily driver restoration project

86 Merkur - cheap to a good home

Unplug the stuff. Disconnect what you can. If all else fails, cut it out. If it quits running, they make this stuff call solder. In what ever racing you doing, Do you need the heater? What about wipers? The stereo amp under the dash? Pull baby pull.....T
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Heheh - there is no stereo, no dash, no wipers, no heater, just a bunch of dangling connectors, and a big frikin rat's nest of wiring harness.. Unfortunately, some of the wiring seems to be loomed together, i.e., 30 engine management wires mixed in with 3 unkonwn wires. But I may be (and am hoping that I am) wrong about the wiring be mixed together, and I am hoping against all hope that someone else has done this before , and can say to me - "Dave (aka KnowFear), just pull out all the wiring crap on the left side of the car and all will be well"....

This baby is already 95% stripped. But I need to loose another few hundred pounds, and 20 or 30 pounds of wiring will help.

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85 SVO - mostly stock daily driver restoration project

86 Merkur - cheap to a good home

KnowFear, if you want to try a PE, I've got a spare. Come on over.

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