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TF gathering at Mokan Oct. 9th and 10th

Friday the 9th is a test and tune day and Saturday is race day. There is discussion of possible track rental pre TnT on Friday for some of the TurboFord guys. A Texas Roadhouse dinner is on the cards. Class formats TBD however there will likely be a heads up 1/8th mile class and maybe a bracket class or whatever you racers would like.

So far looks like Brian Fennell(#TexasGrunt), Chris Murdock(#Snoopstang), Joe Laramee(#UrDaddy), Dave Flanders(#EtchaSketchTuning)…..

Cant remember is Chris Hanks said he would make to trip....post up ideas, if you plan to attend and/or race or questions and we'll figure it out. Looking forward to a central TF event again. The 2017 Mokan race was a lot of fun.
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I'll, of course, be there.

Hopefully the SVO will be up and running, in some form, even if I'm again the slowest turbo Ford.
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I'd likely be there. Not likely with a 2.3T vehicle. Not sure if I'd bring my Turbo 4.6 or my wife's car (that is quicker).
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I'm planning on going to Bowling Green the weekend before, so unfortunately I wouldn't be able to make it.
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