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Time for the Master Cylinder upgrade

Was out with the 87 TC doing 65 mph and went to hit the brakes and the peddle didn't move an inch, took a lot force to slow the car down.
Got it back home and jumped the relay and the pump motor was working and also tested the relay and it was good too. After awhile the system came
back to life and everything is working again. Maybe a Pressure Warning Switch but now it's an intermitting problem plus no parts supply.

So the safe bet is new brake booster and master cylinder conversion plus I might be able to hook up my cruise control again cause I'm running 120 degree intake now.
87 TC 5 speed at 205,000 miles, BoPort Stage 3 Head, 2.1 cam, 50 trim Turbo, Stinger Pimp, 3" exhaust, upper and lower ported manifolds, FMIC, 80lb injectors, 255 pump, 20 psi at 4K, 25 psi at 4.5k. Temp is 93c and IAT is 50c in West Texas Summer. Great freeway flyer on pump 93 gas.

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