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tires will fit?

I just picked up a nice set of eagle VR50's. They are 205.50.15 and 225.50.15's...I didn't realize size, but wonder if they will fit and clear on an 89 XR? Somewhat bigger I know, wondering if anyone has done this and results...Thanks!!!

I have 205/55/15s on my 87 Merk and they work fine except slight rubbing if wheels are turned all the way. Much better than the 205/65/15s it came with. I can't speak from experience, but the 225s should be ok in the rear (speak up if I'm wrong).

I have the same size on my 89. no problems at all on 15x7 rims, 38mm offset.

They will fit but i had issues of my car it was tracking a bit goofy with different width tires . I switched to a set of 17's and have all four the same and the problem went away . I believe Pacwest has made statements about this as well .
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Ok, I have stock wheels on the car...I guess it cant hurt to give it a try. The stock 195.60.15 rub up front even when turned so nothing new there. I check size difference and the new size is much smaller, overall diameter is smaller...

Stock wheels on an '89 XR4Ti are only 5 1/2" wide. The 225/50-15 tires may not fit your stock wheels.

Ok, actually let me specify, I know what you mean though by 5.5...They are the spatula wheels from 86/87, not mesh type...Not sure if that makes a difference...

All XR4Ti wheels are 5 1/2 inches wide including the 14" wheels from 1985.

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