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Turboalpine- New Ford 2.3 DOHC Progress?

How's the progress going with turboing the new aluminum 2.3?
Would you be able to just bolt in a set of 2001.5 Ranger motormounts inplace of the LIMA 2.3 mounts and drop it in? What about the wiring harness & ECU?

Instead of spending $300 rebuilding my head, I'd love to be able to buy a complete engine, turbo it, and drop it in my SVO.


86 Mustang SVO 125k miles
-Ric Gillis Boost Valve
-K&N Cone on VAM
-Early style SVO headlight conversion
-Borla Turbo Mufflers
86 Mustang SVO - Sold long ago

Wish it was that easy. The engine mounts are totally differnt than the old Ranger ones. Also you would have to run a new Mazda five speed or usea custom adapter to run a T5. The rods will not take more than 300hp is my guess right now and the pistons would be soon to follow. I am mainly concerned about the main bearings and the main girdle staying put right now more than anything. I am also almost done with the tranny adapter. For the ECM I do not know what I will use. I have two different setups that will work, but it all depends on a few other things right now. Will keep you posted.


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