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after i cleaned intake i drove 5 miles and  got a miss again . SO i pulled the valve cover up ( i have to pull motor mounts and lower engine to get V/C off.  i can see that #3 intake valve seal is popped up and i can move it.  and a new puddle of oil in #3 runner.  so  i will pull the  head and  put new valve seals in  the good one .

It isn't necessary to remove the head to R&R valve stem seals.

I would recommend to replace all seals at the same time.

i  not sure what will be easyer for me to work on it . to pull cam to make it easyer  i have to pull light bar and  hood and rad. to work on it . this is on a 29 model A   may use the rope in the cylinder  just in case i drop a valve . but it will save time .

Be sure to check the guide(s) for wear, Landy. If any are worn/loose, you'll need to remove the head for replacement or for inserts, sooooo.......you might be better off pulling the head as you were talkin' about ~ DUNNO!  <shrug>
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I am hopeing they are  not bad they were replaced  about 10,000 miles ago .. this is the same head  that when the  head was done they put in  cheap valve stem  seals in .

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