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URGENT Crower Rods Group Buy (DISCUSSION)

Well since nobody else stepped up and the thread doesn't exist anymore I need to get this ball rolling. Talked to Paul and got permission to post this.

I want to organize a group buy for sportsman rods from crower. It goes on till the 15th of Dec. We need 5 people to get 15 % off. With 15% off the stock 2.3 rods they will be around 251.

They don't need to be 2.3 rods... they can mix and match but when I called they had plenty of a whole bunch of different applications in stock.

We need 5 people before then! Come on people this is one HELLUVA deal!

pm'd you
There's one in every car. You'll see.

I might be up for some 2.5 (5.5") rods.... Will let you know. email me before you order. snoopstang@yahoo.com
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I'll take a set to fit a stock motor... Who is collectin the $$ ??


Like I said in the other thread, put me down for a set of stock length-cap screw-floating pin ones. Let me know where to send the cash.
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cap screw? press fit? anything???
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here is the ad http://www.crower.com/sp/yearend.shtml

John pointed out in a PM that I might have been off in the price...
According to Crowers Website the are 350.61 (SP91231PF-4) - 15% (52.59) which = 298.02

I don't know where I got 251... must be all that ACCT I am doing right now in school! Sad

Sorry about the mix up but the are still cheaper than all of the other places.

If someone could call and check if we could get more off... Like 20% with 10-20 orders or something being that I Am overseas.


I'll take a set of stock 2.3 sportsmans. Let me make sure I know what I want. But count me in. I'll talk my wife into it as well.

Maybe someone should give Crower a call and see if we can get 20-25% off if we do 10-20 or something. Gotta be a few folks out there that need a set. If we can get a few more % off, I'm sure we could get something going!


If that turns out to be the case, I will buy more than just one set probably. More info and a proper group buy form and all that to follow. I guess Stack may not be able to work this very easily, so I guess whoever gets the info and form up first is the man.
John Lewis
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Talked to my wife, I may be out already. The price is gonna have to come down some more for me to participate this close to Christmas. If we can get 15%-20% off I may be in. So pending further info, I can't participate.

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