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URGENT Crower Rods Group Buy (DISCUSSION)

I will try to call them monday but no promises.

Way to go guys

Any update?

Ok, I called myself. Talked to Mr. Crower himself. He said 15% is pretty damn close to cost as it is. So the best deal they can do is 15% for a set of 5. I guess at this point I'm out, good luck guys.


Currently they have 3 sets of Cap Screw 5.2" rods, 3 sets of Thru-Bolt 5.2" rods and 5 sets of Cap Screw 5.5" rods in stock. I'm still waiting on a call back for more info. Anything else I need to check on, then please ask, i.e. 5.4" rods? Don't know if they have these I.S. but I didn't think they were very commonly used anyway.

We are covering this Jon you just needed to have more patience, the whole idea is not to have a bunch of people rushing the phones but have one person that can go between. Stack and I have contacted Paul about this and since Stack is overseas I'm going to organize this it seems, I assure you I'm doing the best I can with the little time I have since I work everyday, but this is happening, as soon as I get another call from them I should have most of the info I need.

Please hang tight,
John Lewis
John Lewis
84 SVO - 50 Trim 16V IRS
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Quote:Originally posted by 70 eliminator:
cap screw? press fit? anything???
Is there a need for press fit, all I checked were the bushed part numbers and that's what I personally would recommend, but obviously that would require modification if you used stock pistons (right?).
John Lewis
84 SVO - 50 Trim 16V IRS
Now with Megasquirt I Extra V3 PCB

Don't mean to be rude, but last post before my request for an update was 4 days ago (understand turkey day and weekend). I was expecting some news on Monday so I could budget accordingly. If someone would have said, I placed a call and am waiting final pricing I wouldnt' have called. Sorry, I'm the type of guy to pick up the dropped ball and run (which this appeared to be dropped for such a "rush" issue).
Anyhow, if you can get more than 15% off, thats killer and I may be in, but otherwise I can't participate. Good luck.


I don't expect to get more than 15% and if you asked them already I'm not going to. It's not THAT rushed, we already have enough people to do this IMO so a couple weeks is plenty of time to have an order in. Anyway, they didn't call back, maybe they got me confused with you, the computers were not working so they could not give me pricing. I'll call again tomorrow. This is about as cheap as it gets anywhere I think.

An order only thread will be started shortly, hopefully tomorrow.
John Lewis
84 SVO - 50 Trim 16V IRS
Now with Megasquirt I Extra V3 PCB

Update coming as soon as I get a reply from Paul.
John Lewis
84 SVO - 50 Trim 16V IRS
Now with Megasquirt I Extra V3 PCB

I'm in. Just waiting for the form.

I'm STILL learning.

Thanks John

Is it time for Bolt-on to get rods?

Put me down for something. I have to figure out what direction I want to go with them.
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