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URGENT Crower Rods Group Buy (DISCUSSION)

Left a message, as soon as I find out they will drop ship individually this is a done deal and I will be taking exact requests and money I guess.
John Lewis
84 SVO - 50 Trim 16V IRS
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I'm in, just let me know what you need from me.

I have really really bad news, Crower will not ship these out separately to each of you, they really don't seem too interested in our recognition of them as a vendor and so despite the good advertising I feel this gives them they only want one payment, one shipment to get the 15% and I just can't go through taking shipment and splitting these up etc. In the end even if I did that and made no gain on it at all, not even compensation for my time, it would probably work out to the same price as if you bought them individually, the extra 5% is really not much, about 14 bucks or so if I did my math right. I can't even ship a set for that much.

Shipping on these should be about 20 bucks a set so if you buy them yourselves you should come in under 300 shipped for a set of rods, that's really not bad, I live the choice up to you. Maybe we can work on Crower over time, maybe convince them that they need our support

I'm really disappointed guys but in reality it's not a disappointment, it's only a few bucks, we're getting a good price already.

Again, the Crower Sportsman is similar construction to stock just based on looks, but with capscrew bolts, a fairly smooth finish it looks like, already bushed, and in different lengths for your application. I guess they're still a good piece for the money that avoids a lot of cost and headache of working stock rods.

That's all I can say, I feel like I let you down sorta but hopefully it's not too big a deal.

Remember the 15th is the cutoff for the savings, and quantities are limited, Nicole is supposed to call me back to let me know what they've got still just so I can let you all know.
John Lewis
84 SVO - 50 Trim 16V IRS
Now with Megasquirt I Extra V3 PCB



We maybe able to help complete this deal for you. We are a dealer for Crower (CheapHP.com). I can't promise anything but I will try.

John, do you have a rough idea of how many rods were wanted? If we can get a rough total I will contact Crower about adding them to one of our orders.

Since Crower is not extending the 15% off to there dealers, we should have some more time to complete this and not have to rely on what they have in stock.

If you are interested in having me look into this please let me know a close estimate on how many rods would be ordered at once. I have no problem having them sent here and shipping them individually like we did with the cam gear group buy.

I seriously doubt we will be able to get a better price then $298.02 as listed above but I will try to work on that also.

I leave that up to you as a dealer I guess. On the current deal like I said they're 275 + shipping I believe.

I really am not sure there's any advantage by the time you ship them individually and such. The number of sets would be close to 10 based on the responses I've gotten, but a lot of those people may decide not to buy. It's hard to say really.
John Lewis
84 SVO - 50 Trim 16V IRS
Now with Megasquirt I Extra V3 PCB

I talked to Crower and here is what we can do. If we order 15 sets of rods then they would be $285 for the sportsman. Shipping would be $12 to anyone that lives in the 48 states (all of the rods would be shipped to us and then I would send them out accordingly).

The only catch is the order must be completed before the end of the year.

If there is enough people interested then I can peruse this.

I am still interested

I just want to know how that is better than 275 + shipping on the standard year end savings? Or am I wrong on pricing, I think that's what Nicole told me... :dunno: But that is a time and stock limited offer.

We do greatly appreciate your support though and that is still quite a bit less than the normal price, kudos for working this, after next week I think you will have quite a deal going there compared to the 305 normal price (if my info is correct). If I wind up needing something that's not in stock I will be talking to you sooner than later.
John Lewis
84 SVO - 50 Trim 16V IRS
Now with Megasquirt I Extra V3 PCB

Are you sure they quoted you $275? From the site it shows 15% off 5 sets and the retail I have is $350.61 which would be $298.02. I can't do it for $275 I would be losing money on the deal, sorry.

We are placing a large order from Crower before the end of the year, so I figured we could just add these to our order if enough people were interestd. After the credit card fees I would be doing this at cost. Since we are already doing an order it wouldn't be that big of a deal to add the order for the members on the board.

If I get time I will try and call Nicole today.
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