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URGENT Crower Rods Group Buy (DISCUSSION)

No that's great, I just want to know.
John Lewis
84 SVO - 50 Trim 16V IRS
Now with Megasquirt I Extra V3 PCB

I wil take a set of 5.5" if a deal goes down and they are around $275-$280
Snoopstang II 2001 Ford Mustang 4.5L SVO V6 turbo on a true 10.5"

$297 shipped is a good deal. Almost makes me want to build another engine.

Are you still leading this John?
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind". Dr. Seuss

CheapHP.com is a great asset to the board so I leave it up to him, since he is a member there is no need for me to get in on this. He's talked to Paul about this and so I'm sure they're going to take it from here.
John Lewis
84 SVO - 50 Trim 16V IRS
Now with Megasquirt I Extra V3 PCB

Thanks John.

Once I get approval from Paul (I will try to get the details over to him tonight or first thing tomorrow), I will post the details on how members who are interested in signing up for this group buy can proceed.

I would propose the deadline for sign up to be no later then 7am on Dec. 22 so the order can be placed before Christmas, but I will that up to group.

We got approval from Paul on how to proceed with this group buy.

Any member that is interested in set(s) of rods can take part by doing the following:

Go to our website or click the link to go directly to our Ford 2.3 rods: CheapHP.com/Crower Rods ]

Add the desired rod to your shopping cart (sign up for an account if you don’t already have one), don’t worry we don’t send spam.

During the check out there will be a box for a coupon code put in “turboford.net/crower” and this will deduct the amount for the group buy.

Also during checkout you will have the option for Paypal or C.C. You can use either one, but I would strongly suggest using a C.C. for the reason listed below.
1. If you use a credit card, it will Not be charged until the order is placed with Crower (if the group buy does not go through then it will never be charged).
• If you prefer Paypal that will be fine, however the amount will be deducted from you account when you place the order. If the deal does not go through then I will have to go back and manually refund your payment through paypal.

Paul and I feel this is the easiest way to do it for both parties. The you will receive confirmation through the website for the “pre-order” and your shipping information and rod type will all be automatically be collected.

For those that are interested in more then one set of rods or are located outside the us please email me at sales@CheapHP.com with your details (please put TurboFord in the subject line so it will come directly to me.

I will call Crower and make sure they are working the Thurs. after Christmas (12-28-06) if so that would be the absolute latest day we would have to place the order. So the deadline would be 7am (est.) on that Thurs. I will confirm that later today with Crower, or if other would like to complete this sooner, just let me know.

I will try to post updates on the amount of orders every couple of days.

If there are any questions please post or email me directly.



check your PMs, and please fix the link
There's one in every car. You'll see.

Ok, link should work now (sorry about that).

twin-t-3skidoo, no problem, sent you all the details.

We will add the Crower 5.5 rods to the site later today.


Is there a phone # for CheapHp? Couldn't find one on the site.

We are closed this week 12-26-12-29 (just shipping out the website orders), however I will PM you my cell phone to try and answer any questions you have.

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