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vintage/collector car insurance

As bad as California is about the smog laws and cost of registration.....at least we have "Non-Op" registration. When the annual registration becomes due, we can opt to pay a $10 fee and simply "park" the vehicle. Then, when/if we want to put it back on the road, only the current-year registration fee is required to do so. :thumbup: <font color=navy>
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Plus, the Non-op is now a one time fee, Ray! It used to be a yearly $10, but that is no longer.
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Hey, the central question of this thread was asked long ago, so I don't know if my answer would be of any relevance. I think there's an insurance company that I know that may be offering what you need. They have a policy that they call pay as you go; you are charged based on the miles you drive; it's never a fixed amount. I don't even know about it deeply, and I don't want to waste my time on something that no one will read, but you can read it here; https://www.moneyexpert.com/car-insuranc...insurance/. Everything should be explained there, I guess. But you won't call driving 1-2 times per week “occasional.” but it might be okay for you tho.

I use Hagerty.

When I switched to them it was much more reasonable than my regular insurance company. I have not compare them to Grundy etc.
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