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WANTED: Ranger Manual Steering Gear (Box)

(duplicate ad also placed on "The Ranger Station")

As the title says, I'm looking for a good manual steering box for my '87 2WD Ranger. I'm putting the old girl on a diet and I'm trading a few pounds of ugly fat (no comments from the peanut gallery, Paul) for increased steering effort by converting from the OE P/S that's currently in place, to.....(gasp) manual .steering! . [Image: confused0016.gif] . Soooo.........I'm hoping to trade all my P/S components for their manual counterpart(s). .

Apparently, the same steering box was used from '83 all the way into the mid/late 90's.....maybe beyond ~ DUNNO! So, if you have a Ranger with manual steering and would like to upgrade to power..steering, I'll trade ALL my good/non-leaking P/S parts (gear box, pump, pump-mtg brkt [2.3], hoses, belt, rag joint, etc.) for your good/non-leaking manual gear box and rag joint (the input .spline count is supposedly different).....for just the price of shipping .(which is probably less than fitty bux), via whatever shipping method you choose/desire.

If interested, please respond either to this thread, PM or raycasner@gmail.com .[Image: happy0034.gif]
Placerville, California
(former)  2.3T '78 Courier ~ (current)  2.3T '87 Ranger & '82 Mazda B2200 (smog-exempt diseasel truck)

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