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Waste gate pressure test?

Has any built a contraption to test the waste gate settiings on a gillis valve to determine what psi the waste gate will open? I am kinda of Leary of twisting the knob on the gillis valve and doing a WOT pull.

Denny Alvey

I have messed around with this & tried several methods,but it is hard to recreate the conditions of actual driving.Depending on the vac line size,air nozzle,regulator,gauge, will all give differnt results.Safest way is to open the gillis valve all the way and make a pull.This way you will not overboost.If the boost pressure is low( it probably will be) turn the valve one half turn and make another pull.Slowly work your way up to your desired setting.
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u can also use a cylinder leak down tester , thats how we set the hi speed lean outs on our mechanical fuel injection, it will show u what presure it takes to open the wastegate. if u hook it up properly u can turn the know on the gillis valve and watch the boost presure go up and down. that is if u have a leak down tester. most shops dont have one , hardley any one but racers use them. or the simple way is to hook a guage up in line to the gillis valve and use air compressor with a regulator and u can see what its doing. i bought an ebay fake and 1/4 turn from the ball rattling inside is 5 psi and its irratic at best.
are u just getting the gillis valve and wanting to install it ? what boost presures are u running now ? like jayson said , back the knob out till the ball will rattle and it wont have any more boost that the spring in the wastegate actuator. gillis valve 1 complete turn of the knob = 1 psi . so its pretty simple .be ware ebay fake valves are no where near acurate ,a real gillis is 1 turn = 1 psi increase.
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