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welding wire used for a trunk mount battery

welding wire used for a trunk mount battery, what i need to know what gauge of welding wire is best to use for a remote battery? hope u guys got this, and i can find your answer. I HATE THESE DAMN COMPUTERS.
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These new-fangled computers are starting to catch on, Dave ~ but you're doing just fine!  <grin>

Arc-welder wire works great for remote-mounted batteries, but the required "gauge"/size depends on the quality of the wire and the length spanned. I.e., fine-stranded wire (with a greater strand count) will carry more current than cheaper wire of the same gauge size having larger/less strands &/or strands of copper-plated aluminum (vs. solid copper).  Also, the longer the wire......the greater the electrical resistance, meaning that longer wires need larger gauge sizes (numerically smaller). 

Some might disagree, but - personally - I'm using a 2-gauge wire with a very-high strand count (LINK ~ see pic below) spanning a distance of about 10-12 feet (right/rear of Ranger short-bed to PMGR starter).......and the motor cranks lickety split (fast)! OTOH, an old-school Ford .starter might require a slightly-longer cable to reach the location of its' remote-mounted solenoid, AND ~ due to its' higher amperage draw ~ a slightly-larger (0-gauge?) wire. <shrug>

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Hope you get this Ray, THANKS. i was hoping that someone herd me now. I tried to do that on my own without asking Jenny to show me for the 33rd time how to use the new TF site, and i sure didn't want a sticky. Not a good thing (i guess).. I have a special Christmas card 4 u ...
99% of what I do I do to myself

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