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What looks good on an SVO?

Need a little help. It’s time to choose a rim kind and size for my 84 SVO. I love my stock rims but there is no way to widen them safely. That doesn’t mean I like the flat face just like sleeper. I want to drag race the car and not opposed to swapping at the track but if I found a rim that is NOT a cobra rim as I have a set on the car from 97 and it could accept a 9-10 inch rear with some MT on them and allow for spirited driving but look cool I’d be a deal! Looking at rims and imagining them on my car is something I can’t do for some reason. Throw up some rims guys? Show me your car on your rims.

After the SN95 spindle swap and Cobra brakes, I ended up using some 17” Motegi Traklites. Simple 5 spoke design that doesn’t look out of place on a fox body

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