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What to replace during front end rust repair..

My 88 Turbo Coupe has lower strut tower rot. It's pretty bad.  I have a gentleman who is willing to do the work.

He said the whole front end has to come out of the car, k member dropped, engine out, whole front clip. 

He wants $5000 to do the work. I think I'm going to do it.my question is, while he is in there what parts should I replace while it's apart? 

I don't have a huge budget here. Really, I should not even be spending the 5k, but it seems to me that it would be a shame to out it back together with 200k mile wearable parts.  

Also any recommendations on the strut tower/"frame rail" repair kit? I see Amazon ones, and then some from other sites..  are the mustang ones and the T Bird ones the same? 

Thanks y'all

Side question. The driver door and front fender have rust. I have a door and a fender. The door doesn't have the keyless entry and the fender doesn't have the cornering lamp. Has anyone tried modifying a door and/or fender to accept those features?

It's probably none of my business, BUT...... I would find it really hard to swallow spending $5K to resurrect a TC when you could probably find one w/o rust for about the same cost. You might even find a "roller" with no engine or trans into which you could swap your drivetrain ~ for less. Also, if the front end is rusted that bad, why wouldn't the rear and other areas be nearly as bad? Sounds like cancer on wheels, to me. My 2¢.......  <shrug>
Placerville, California
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Ray, I agree.


Two things..

My wife passed away December 27th at 38 years old. This car has a HUGE sentimental tie to her. There are 1000 reasons I could list, but I won't bore y'all with it.

2. I did look around quick.
Finding a decent 87-88, 5 speed TC in black, for anything reasonable local, ain't happening. They all have rust, most have issues.. they are not easy to find and they are expensive.

This car will continue to need work, but at least it will be solid up front and it will be this car.

Seems 15k is the # for decent turbo coupes these days...

I understand, Six ~ and I'm terribly sorry to hear of your wife's death...... especially at such a young age! May she rest in peace! <sad> 
Placerville, California
(former)  '78 2.3T Courier w/blow-thru Autolite 2bbl carb ~ (current)  '87 2.3T Ranger w/PiMP’d EFI

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