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What trim t3's came on 85's and 85.5tc's

is there a difference between auto & manual

84-86 auto turbocoupes have .48 hot a/r, and the 83-86 5spds have .63 hot a/r.

Is this true?

you mean the a/r's, not trim, right?...the TC/XR7 T3's compressor wheels are all 60-trim, with .60 a/r housings...i believe the turbines are all standard 72-trim in either .48 or .63 housings

as far as turbine housings, ive read that 5spds TC/XR7s are .63, and auto are .48...and then ive read that auto and 5spd are .63...and then ive seen that from 83-85 theyre all .63, and then from 85.5-86 theyre all .48 - similar to the SVO i think

i havent taken the turbo off of my 86 XR7, but from measuring the scroll in different spots and comparing to a .48 housing i have around, i would say that its .48 - i could be wrong though...ive also talked to someone that has an 86 XR7 and it has a .63 housing

you might be able to fit one of those little dentist-type mirrors down in there and read the housing

to add to the confusion...my 86 XR7 also has an E3 manifold, instead of the E6 it should have come with.

every rule that someone has come up with has been disproved eventually, one of which is the auto vs manual one. it seems ford just grabbed them off the shelf at random and stuck em on the car.
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Yeah I checked a turbo of mine it's off an 85.5 automatic and it's a .48.

I've heard lots of stories about a rule of thumb i guess ur right!

oops i forgot to mention, my 86 xr7 is an auto...and the other xr7 with the .63 is an auto also.



Maybe we can figure it out by vin#
My 85.5 also had brown tops :headscratch:

This is really confusing

cant tell by vin really

85.5-86 xr7 and 85.5-88 TC had brown tops...my xr7 does


Thanks that helps a bit!

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