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Will Mustang Subframe con. fit T-Bird?

I made a set for my Mustang and never installed them should they work on the bird?

It depends on what style they are. If they are just a straight piece w/ no cross bar, then yes. If they have a crossbar..then no.

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I made them myself from 1"x3" rec. tubing. The final length hasn't been cut yet, they have only been bent to much factory subframes. So they should work.

Don't know about the fit between the different chassis'. Global West Suspension lists different subframe connectors for the T-bird then for any of their Mustang offerings. See:

Their stuff is considered quite good by the autocross and road race crowd, but it is pricey in some cases. I opted for Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors for my SVO.

If you're fabricating your own, consider using 1.63" dia. 1/8" wall round seamless roll bar tubing, as round tubing is stiffer in torsion then rectangular tubing. Only problem with round tubing is ground clearance.

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Quote:Originally posted by Codeman:
I made a set for my Mustang and never installed them should they work on the bird?
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The TCs take a straight subframe connector. Ones from mustangs usually have a bend in them because the front subfram isnt at the same level as the rear subframe. Ask me how I know. If anyone needs a set of subframe connectors for a mustang got a set for $50 [Image: smile.gif]

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The Thunderbird has a 4 inch longer wheelbase than the Mustang, your subframe connectors will be too short.

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